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LIVE on Sept. 23, 2023 @ 8:PM

Discover new and fresh ideas to thrive in the Digital Space and reframe your mindset

by disrupting the old myths that keeps you from starting your Entrepreneurial journey Online

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Jhonfel C.

Founder Zero Degrees Pinoy

What we look forward for this event:

Reframing new Mindset

Learn to Disrupt old myths and misconceptions about these established business models in the industry.

Gain a fresh perspective and challenge the beliefs that may have been holding you back from achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

Doors of Opportunities:

Discover the doors of opportunities that have the potential to change your future self in terms of untapped potentials and boundless possibilities.

This event is your gateway to exploring new avenues, expanding your network, and unlocking the keys to digital-era success.

Raffle Giveaways:

As a token of our appreciation for your participation, we'll be hosting raffle giveaways exclusively for event attendees.

Get a chance to win exciting prizes that can further enhance your journey in entrepreneurship.

Don't miss this opportunity to walk away with valuable rewards!

Meet our Speakers live and learn from them:

Evangeline Denila

Mianne Profeta

Madonna Mendoza

Jerby Medina

Chinita Clamosa

Abegail Cortez

Know more about Zero Degrees Pinoy:

Zero Degrees Pinoy is a community dedicated to supporting Filipino individuals who aspire to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys from the comfort of their own homes.

Our primary focus is harnessing the vast potential of social media, leveraging its intricate dynamics, and staying updated on the latest trends and tools.

One of our distinctive features is our commitment to enabling aspiring entrepreneurs to initiate their journeys with minimal initial investments.

We aim to foster a community of empowered individuals who possess the fundamental knowledge required for personal growth while engaging in income-generating activities.

Zero Degrees Pinoy Business Engagement:

Franchisee: House of Franchise offers like TOKTOK by JC

Sales Leader: Avon Philippines Direct Selling Franchise

Affiliate Partner: Independent Seller of the Franchise

Affiliate Marketing Partner of NU SKin Global

Founder and Marketing Strategist for the above Brand in the making: Coming SOON!...

Marketing Partner and Strategist for Affiliation Opportunities

Incoming Affiliate and Franchisee as Service Provider:

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